Monday, December 31, 2012

Holly Jolly Christmas

Christmas was just lovely. Mom & George came over early in the morning to share the wonderful day with all of us. The kids both woke up happy and ready to attack all the shinny presents. It started off fairly early with Alistair getting a bag of these colorful balls. I took the whole bag and dumped it on him and he just loved smiled from ear to ear. It was the best present ever. The reaction was gorgeous.
This is a great pic of Alistair sitting up in his new toy we got him. I have to admit it is extremely uncommon to have him sitting like this and when he does its for seconds but we still love it! I'm hoping this will just provide a new level of stimulation for him. He loves to just lay in the balls and feel them around him.
One of Francis's favorite toys was her little Christmas light. It actually surprised me how much she got out of Christmas this year. For some reason I had this idea she would be quite oblivious to it all but actually it was quite the opposite.
A lot of times she just sat there and took in the whole experience looking at everyone opening presents, grabbing at the wrapping paper, and exploring her new gifts.
She was 7 months to the day on Christmas. Wow time flies!!!
The whole day was nice and mellow. We opened presents throughout the day between eating, letting the kids sleep, playing games, and just hanging out. It was nice. This was our best family shot of the day. Ones gotta take what they can get!!! In this picture Francis definitely looks like she has a CURLHAWK as my friends call it. I'm not sure why her hair is so curly on top and straight and short on the sides but it looks like I cut it this way and I sure didn't!!
Francis loves getting her picture taken and then to see her expression when she sees herself in the camera is priceless.
When we were visiting my Uncle Holger my brother made a point of getting some letter train sets that he made for my kidlets. It was a lovely gift to find under the tree.
It was just the best present ever for me to see Alistair get enjoyment of various kinds out of Christmas Day.
He gave us lots of smiles.
............and so did Francis.

Jason also truly enjoyed being with the kids and absorbing their excitement throughout the day.
I went all out and made a traditional Danish meal. However, we were so darn full on Christmas day from all the candy, chocolate, and goodies that we all agreed it would be better to postpone the meal till boxing day so that's exactly what we did and it was so nice for me to enjoy Christmas day for what it was and then have fun cooking the following day. So I cooked a raisin and apples stuffed pork roast, caramelized new potatoes, brussel sprouts, salad and a sweet and sour purple cabbage dish.
As for dessert of course there was the scrummy rice pudding!

Francis got dressed up for the day in a beautiful dress Grandma Hedges bought her.....Mom thought it was going to be way to big. Was she ever surprised to see her filling it out so well.
Afterwards we went out and had a big bonfire and pulled the kidlets out in the stroller. The fun part for me was I got a ski attachment for it which works brilliantly.
 Not to see if I can get the kids to really enjoy an outing. Francis started to kick up her heals about here.
Anyhow it was all a truly gorgeous Christmas for us all and I hope you all had the same wonderful experiences in your households.
  • This is a great little video of Francis in her new crib she got from Grandma Hedges. I think one can say she likes it! CLICK HERE
  • This is a super cute video of Francis playing with bells in her cute pink dress CLICK HERE
  •  Here is Alistair enjoying his colored balls he got for Christmas CLICK HERE
  • Francis loving her Jolly Jumper CLICK HERE

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