Sunday, December 30, 2012

Mellow Times

The lead up to Christmas was so mellow and fabulous. Francis had a touch of cradle cap so one day I slathered her head with olive oil and put a touque on her head to let things settle.
 It worked perfectly and I figured she looked pretty darn cute so I snapped some shots.
 The kids and I attended a Santa Brunch put on by CDC. Alistair's support worker Heather was there who basically took him under her wing and got him over singing with the kids. I didn't think he'd be hungry but after feeding him a spoonful of my whip cream that was atop my pancake breakfast he basically ate the majority of the meal.
 It was pretty cute, after the event Santa and Mrs Claus got to take a ride to their next event in a nice white limo. I think they were giving the reindeer some down time prior to Christmas.
 Here is Misses Smiley Francis after her typically short naps.
These grins come pretty naturally to her.
 We got all dressed up on Christmas Eve as we headed out to Auntie Bonita's and Uncle Lances for a brunch and game day.
 Francis sported her beautiful pink dress.
 I got in some cuddles with the nieces.
 Alistair enjoyed hanging out with his pa and uncles and we just all had a lazy lovely time.

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  1. Oh beautiful, wonderful keep. Your kidlets just keep growing!!!