Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Its phenomenal really that its already the middle of January. Time does fly by so quickly. Leading up to New Years there is always the question of resolutions. This year I figured I'd pick something a lot more general rather than specific as perhaps then I can look back and feel successful! HA. So I feel that striving for contentment in life and even understanding what that would look like to me would be a good focus for this year.
First off, having my children healthy and happy and realizing that there are some variables in life that one can not control may be a good start. Its just hard for me when it comes to my little guy. Even though I know he's never going to be on a consistent incline of development it still throws me off when he has bumps along the road. He's had a seizure again last week and a minor one today. Nothing drastic or compromising but still the biggest one yet. You'd think by now I'd have some better coping mechanism in place but nope. I'm good till I know he's in a safe place and then I get thrown off.....and then renormalize again.
 But the funny thing is then he turns around and decides he will weight bare again after months of not doing it. I don't think he'll be walking down the street with me BUT if we could get him to a level where he would temporarily weight bare to transfer that be fabulous. His motivation to stand is when I blow raspberries!
 Another fantastic thing is Francis and Alistair love getting out in the stroller together. Jason got me the ski attachment for this one and with all the snow in town we've been using it for evening walks. So good!
The two kidlets are also taking more and more of an interest in each other which is so neat to see. For the most part Alistair's becoming more gentle with her. Plus she's keen to take his toys away from him and there is no way he's going to have any of that...which is so fun to see. Just another level of interaction for both of them.
Anyhow back to contentment, Francis definitely seems to have that down pat. She's a pretty chillaxed little munchkin with smiles all around. She did just conquer her first flu though and was pretty much attached to my hip for the last couple of days.
 So with all that being said I guess it's pretty obvious that my contentment at this stage in the game is attained when the kidlets are on the right track and at ease.
I would have to say little misses is pretty darn content in this picture!
Chocolate Anyone?


  1. Julie, so good to see these pictures of your littles finding their own relationship. Lovely. I get what you are saying about being thrown off when Alistair has a bump in the road - doesn't seem to make it easier when you know that bumps are the "norm." And seizures just sound scary no matter what. It's so much easier for us mamas to be okay when our kids are okay.

    1. So true Corinne. One just goes with the flow but that flowing direction isn't always the course I would pick....or would Alistair for that matter! I guess one just learns to expect the unexpected or gets less surprised when it happens....