Friday, December 14, 2012


Our niece Georgia was born on December 8th. What a great day to be born as she shares a birthday with my mom who is the most inspirational woman I know.
I hope that I can be as content, wise and settled about life as my mother as some stage in my life time. So if Georgia has the privilege of acquiring these assets just from sharing the same birthday as my mother she will be one very lucky lady! I have to say she seemed to be one mellow little munchkin the follow night we went to visit so she's on the right track.
 Francis just loved visiting with her cousins. I can't say she was too interested in Little Miss Georgia but Hayley & Rebecca on the other hand were definitely on her favorites list. I can foresee a great deal of fun play dates with the girls.
 It was pretty amazing to sit there and hold Georgia and realize only 6 months ago Francis was of similar size. WOW how time flies and kidlets morph right before our very eyes.
Francis definitely has a special spot for her Daddy. The closer she can be to him the happier she appears......and so does he!

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