Friday, December 14, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Well its that time of year again to torment our children and throw them on the lap of an odd lookin fella whose face you can barely see. Don't talk to strangers kids but hey sit on this funny fellas lap! LOL. Fortunately my kidlets didn't seem to be to perturbed by the whole scenario.
 I know that Francis doesn't look all that impressed but to be honest she could have cared less about Santa. She was utterly exhausted and well hadn't pooped for a good 24 hours. So minutes after this picture she was zonked in the stroller and well later that day she accomplished the other bothersome factor.
This year I decided I had better hold Alistair as last year could have been potentially traumatic for many a child in the Santa line up as Alistair decided he'd attempt to rip Santa's beard off. Which he fortunately didn't accomplish. Anyhow, with a few tickles under the ribs we got some happy shots.
Nana has made her way out this way for a week from Manitoba so she was able to get some fun shots with the kids and Santa too. More on Nana in the follow blogs!
On another note you may know that we already have our Christmas tree up. Well luckily in the process of decorating I didn't end up chucking it outside. Why you ask? Well I like spending a little extra time each Christmas putting on the lights to my liking. This takes some time, patience and a few glasses of wine one evening but then I'm a happy camper with the end result. After attempting to wind the first set of lights onto the tree for the third time and plugging them in to find out they didn't work I nearly lost it and yes each time prior to threading them on they did work! ACK!
 I got so irritable it was ridiculous. Finally I stopped myself and was like "what the heck and I doing? This is suppose to be an enjoyable part of the season!" So I stopped myself. Dropped the lights on the floor and plunked Francis in the middle of them and just sat for an hour watching her with great pleasure as she took total delight in handling the lights. It was lovely.
 I look forward to endless moments like these where my children remind me of whats really important in life and bring me back to the basics of it all!
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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