Friday, December 21, 2012


It was just fantastic that Nana, Jason's Mom, came to visit us for a week prior to Christmas. Her visit definitely got us into the Spirit of Christmas a tad earlier than we normally would have.
Both Alistair and Francis enjoyed all of the extra attention.
 The were all the more smiles in the house as Francis had another person to grin at!
 Several times Nana sat down to the piano and jammed out some Christmas tunes that just got right into the foundation of the house. I always love how this makes a house come alive. Perhaps I'll get motivated enough one day to get back plunkin away on the good ol' piano. Definitely motivating.
 Just in the short time Nana was here Francis proved that she can scoot backwards by pushing herself along the wood floor. Before we know it she'll be crawling. Unbelievable!
 While Nana was here we attended a fund raiser for the Child Development Center where Alistair gets a lot of his therapy and goes to preschool. We got to get a shot with Kris Kringle himself.
 When we were leaving I noticed they were popping all the balloons at the event. Since Alistair loves balloons I figured we may be able to snazzooo a couple. Well we got a huge bouquet of them.
He loved it!
 He spent all sorts of time making them move and watching them float through the air.
 Since it was a fundraiser I took some money to play the silent auction and came home with this lovely playhouse for Francis.
 I think Nana and Francis could have snuggled forever.
 They even got in some reading together as well!
Here is a fun video of Francis enjoying Nana's piano playing
This is a great video of Alistair playing with the balloons while he's seated in his chair
This video is of Nana and Francis playing with a balloon
Alistair is having fun switching on and off Xmas lights in this video

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