Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Therapeutic Riding

I've been meaning to get Alistair involved in the Prince George Therapeutic Riding Association and one thing always led to another. WELL fortunately Barb the president of the organization gave me a jingle and said there were four slots open to new riders. So for the next four Thurs Alistair gets to ride on a horse. It was so neato to see his delight in doing something different. We weren't sure how he'd react to it all to start with or if he'd react but he was all smiles! 
This fellow held onto Alistair as another lady led the horse around the arena. Alistair went about three times! One of the nicest things to see was his fathers delight with it all....and he doesn't get on horses!
The season is over mid November and then starts up again in May so hopefully we can get in on a regular slot. I've heard so many good things about it that it be fascinating to see what it does for Alistair. My one friends daughter started last year and she needed support just like Alistair and now she sits alone. SO who knows! I've heard wonderful thing in regards to how it benefits the kids but whatever the case its just lovely to see him enjoying something else in life.

VIDEO: Here is a cute video of Francis talking with her Dad.


  1. Wonderful! It's such a different feeling to be up on a horse, and it really works all kinds of different muscles. Hope Alistair continues to enjoy the rides!

  2. Wow Julie, I have just been browsing thru your last three blog entries. So wonderful to read about all the super things that Alisair is being expsoed to these days. You are the best!!!! And that little ? sweetheart Francis is such a ray of sunshine. Stay happy all of you. auntie Rosi