Sunday, October 7, 2012

Growing like a Weed!

Well I now totally get it when people say "'isn't it amazing how fast they grow!" Holy smokes this little munchkin is growing like crazy and changing so incredibly fast. Jason and I just can't get over all the changes that are occurring on basically a daily basis. I'm already digging out the 12 month clothes for her, which I have heard is quite common but still for us its shocking. Alistair has been in the same t-shirts for a couple years where this little lady is blowing out the toes of 9 month Costco sleepers.

Apart from clothes hardly being worn once before they are thrown into a box for the next little lady to enter this world Francis is also doing a ton of other fun stuff. Today when I propped her up in a sitting position she just continued to sit there. She's blowing all sorts of raspberry sounds now and the chuckles are endless which of course we love to no end. I've added a few fun videos of these heart warming times we just love...enjoy!

CLICK HERE to watch her blowing raspberries!
CLICK HERE to watch her have a good ol' chuckle!


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