Monday, October 29, 2012

Pictures of Proof

 Alistair continues to be motivated with what he learnt in Edmonton and here's the proof. Never before would Alistair have sat like this unassisted. Now I don't leave him like this as he will loose balance and fall back but just the fact he's motivated to sit this way is fabulous in my eyes.
Even the fact he  knows to put his left hand down to balance himself is great. He was doing this before but he is using his arms all the more purposefully.
Thanks to the CDC here in town Alistair has an endless amount of motivational toys. This particular one is his all time favorite at the moment. If he hits those colorful buttons the whole thing vibrates and the little convetty things fly around. He loves putting his teeth right on it and feeling the vibration...anything that vibrates at the moment he thinks is fabulous.
O and here is our little Francis looking hilariously cute. Dad combed her mop of hair all forward and she looks ready for almost looks like a toupee.
I was thinking the breast feeding pillow was a waste of money this time as I hardly ever use it as Francis is so darn big I don't really need it. Yet, its turned out to be the perfect little support for Alistair.
O ya just being cute again!
The whole family is proud of Alistair's accomplishments.
Perhaps the copious amounts of photos of Alistair sitting is indicative of my excitement.
He continues to amaze us.
How could he not?

VIDEO: Here's Alistair...guess what he's doing....SITTING!


  1. Oh Julie
    Loving your blogs as always, but these last few have gorgeous photos and brilliant developments from Alistair, so really great to see. He still looks as cute as ever, and fantastic to see the work that Carla was doing with him.. Francis just looks so huggable, she is a real cutie. Sounds like things are going quite well for you at the moment, that's lovely news. And I see from Facebook that you have your new truck too, sounds great. Now we need some photos of that!
    Love to you all.
    Lisa, Harold, Emma and Kelly. xxx

  2. So exciting to see what Alastair can do! I will have to chat with you once I get my voice back. Love the pictures! Happy Halloween!
    Talk to you soon.