Saturday, July 28, 2012

Francis's Photo Shoot~ Part One

I know alot of you have seen these photos but you can enjoy them all over again. I'm going to add a few at a time so that they can really be enjoyed individually.

 Back in the winter I had bid online on a newborn photo shoot and got it. I never do these kind of things and thought it would be one of numerous different things I should do to enjoy this pregnancy, birth and little bambino. As with Alistair we just didn't get that opportunity.
Katie, the photographer of KDB Photography, had fun pulling out all sorts of fun head bands, crowns, and fun items like the chair she is on. It was Katie's grandmothers chair and what a beautiful chair it was for a little beautiful girl to get photographed on! Loved it!


  1. Beautiful pics, Julie! Hope to see you in FSJ in Aug

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    Keep Posting:)