Monday, October 11, 2010

Beautiful BC All Aglow

Wow time flies when life is busy! Again another significant lapse in time since the last blogging occured. I guess that can be taken as a good thing...which it is apart from the fact that life is BUSY. So ya since the last time I was on this thing Jason, Alistair and I jumped in Jason's truck and headed south through Jasper/Banff National Park for Lise & Troy's Wedding. (click on the highlight to see more pics!) Lise and I've known each other since we were just itty bitty three year olds as our mothers met taking our brothers to kindergarden and happened to both be Danes! So the connection stuck.
(Us cute and three)(Us still cute and in our 30's! : D~ Staggette)
Anyhow they got married at a stunning resort/location right in the mountains ~ Emerald Lake Lodge. We as a family pampered ourselves for a couple days. I got to see my best bud get hitched, I reconnected with a bunch of old school mates, and we got to eat great food in a incredible location and to top it off the weather was a scorching 20 degrees!
(Lise & her Pa)
(Us just prior to the big moment!)
(Emerald Lake)
After this we headed West to Golden and caught up with my cousin Eden, her kidlets, my Aunt Rosie, and Cousin Chris. It was short but sweet and we were happy to see Eden on the mend. She just got a silicone implant in both her eyes for partial detachments. The lucky lady went to renew her contacts and they demanded a reassessment prior to giving her a new set. Lucky for her as it sent her through a whirlwind of experiences but with two eyeballs on the road to recovery rather than a white cane! So if you ever think about B#%ching about an eye exam think again! The $90 once a year is worth a lifetime of sight....and trust me I've been irritated having to go and pay that monthly fee.
(Isla~Edens daughter, delighted Alistair woke up)
Anyhoo...we headed back north through Blue River and McBride to get back to PG. Alistair and I had a couple of days to recoup (literally) and then we were back in the truck heading North to FSJ. I just couldn't believe it when I drove into ol' John that my throat got tight and I chocked back some tears! All the feelings that I had when I was 7 months pregnant heading south to make Vancouver our home until Alistair came into this world came flooding back to me: leaving Jason and the pups behind, heading south for the unknown to live on my own, having this kicking bundle inside me oblivious to what his future may hold ie will he live or die, leaving my comfortable network of friends and family, and so on. How bizarre! Basically I told myself not to be so emotionally silly and then everything was alright. LOL Anyhow, the first night we spent with my cousin Valerie and her clan. As usual Valerie and I solved all the worlds child based problems in one night. Then the next day I bunkered in with Sandra Whitney and her family.
She (forth from the left) held a Meet & Greet for me which was great. It was so nice to see all the familiar faces and it felt like I had never left. Obviously there was some good solid ties made up in the North for that to happen.
( 4 months, 15 months, 8 weeks )
Some extra kidlets that weren't in the picture when I left came along as well. Lucy (on the left) is only 4 months old but in the 90th percentile where as Alistair is 15 months old and in the 5th percentile. I found that quite entertaining. Its amazing really how once you have kids of your own other kidlets become interesting but prior to that they are basically noise machines that are cute for a allocated period of time! After that great social we headed an hour north to my Uncle Walts and Aunt Vals ranch for their 40th Anniversary.
What an achievement. It makes you wonder where life will have taken you when you reach 40 years! One guarantee (well as long as we remain above ground!) is I'll be 75, Jason will be 76 and Alistair will be 35! My age now! Yikearoosy. Another bizzare moment. Anyhow we had lots of great catching up with all the famdamly. I attempted to head home the next day but it just didn't happen. I got to the town of FSJ and turned back into Sandra's place for a strong coffee and never left till the next day. All the going ons finally caught up to me. One thing I haven't even mentioned yet is how incredibly gorgeous the whole drive was. Everything was just one big GOLDEN GLOW and made the already incredilbe drive that much more spectacular. Anyhoo to top it all a day after I got home I started my first day orientation in PG Emerg......but I'm going to stop there for now and save that for another time..... : D

(PS! Alistair's eye contact is coming along nicely and surprisingly he doesn't mind wearing all his apparatus's although he's free of them in this picture.)

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  1. Great post and pics Julie! It was so great to 'see' you three on your way through. Big hugs all around. xo