Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Little Harry Potter

Yes this mama finally got her butt in gear and got some glasses on his head. I say this as I got the perscription for them back in early July when I was down to see the specialist. I just didn't get too motivated as I figured my little man wouldn't keep them on his face for more than 5 seconds if that! Well of course he proved his mom wrong and now I think the poor little guy could have been seeing that much better for the past two months. Ack! Anyhow I guess I can add that too my list of little guilt trips I can give myself. So yes he does keep them on his face until of course he decides he has enough. But sometimes we can go for a good hour or more before he reaches this point. Its obvious that he does benefit from them as he is a bit more interactive and purposeful with his approach to things.
The thing I find really funny though is sometimes Alistairs ability to use his hands and arms are limited. His arms can be quite stiff and he doesn't utilize his fingers and hands like one should. BUT that being said when its time for the glasses to come off hes able to hook his little finger right under the left arm of his glasses and he just keeps pulling until they pop off! But I've always found that with Alistair if there is something specific that he wants to do with his hands he will.
We've also been taking our physio sessions with Lynn at the rehab pool in the hospital. Its lovely as the pool is like a warm bath tub. Right now there is just another mom and myself who come to the sessions. Alistair and Kale (the other boy) both seem to quite like it. Mind you Alistair has always loved the bath. If you remember thats where we headed when he had that month of what i call colicy spells. Anyhow we just spend 20-30 min helping them to interact in and with the water whether its splashing their feet and hands for them, or floating about on their tummy on a big foam mattress. Whatever we do it seems to be a good fit for Alistair and I have to say I like that we are changing it up a bit. Plus it gives me a chance to meet other moms whose kids have challenges as well.
Well these next two weeks are BUSY! Tomorrow Jason, Alistair and I are driving southeast to Yoho National Park where my friends Lise and Troy are getting married at Emerald Lake Lodge. The nice part is its taking place over a whole weekend so its like a little holiday for our family as well! Then we're going to drop in to see my Aunt Rosie and Cousin Eden and her kidlets who are all hanging out in Golden and then we'll make it home. Shortly after that Alistair and I'll pack up again to head North to Fort St John. My friends kindly holding a Meet & Greet up there for us as it makes it so much easier to have people come to you then only get to meet up with 2 or 3. So that will be fun as I haven't seen most of the people up there since I left in May 2009 when I left for Vancouver to be monitored and have Alistair. Yes thats right I never did get back "home" to FSJ after I left so it'll be a nice visit. But we aren't only going up for that we also are going up for my Aunt Val and Uncle Walts 40th anniversary. So another nice get together with family. Then we will finally come home and I will jump right into my first orientation shift at PG Emerg on Oct 5th. Yes its hard to believe but my mat leave is officially over! : ( But hey i was fortunate enough to have an extended mat leave as it didn't begin until Alistair was discharged in Sept and then i had some vacation pay saved up! So bonus for that!

Anyhow the world hear is absolutely gorgeous and golden. Hope you all can enjoy it as much as i am! Cheers Julie
PS I just had to add this picture. I so laughed when my father-in-law Rod MacMillan took off his sandals and walked into the house. Lets just say that in the summer he is one dedicated sandal wearer! LOL


  1. the Harry Potter look is fabulous.
    Sooooo looking forward to seeing all 3 of you on the weekend.
    Looks like Uncle Chris will be here in Golden as,party.....

  2. It was so great spending time with all of you, love the glasses on Alistair. All the best as you start work again.....Anita

  3. O my gosh, Alistair looks sooo adorable with his little glasses!!!!
    He just keeps getting cuter and I haven't seen him in soooo long!
    Hope you have (had) a great time on your holidays.
    Talk to you soon!!

  4. I love the glasses look. He is a very cute kid! I wish I could see you both...Hope the visit is fun, I can't believe it has been this long already!