Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

We had a great halloween. Alistair and I dressed up as clowns ie retired and up and coming clown! LOL We had a busy day with the PG Deaf Children's Society heading a social group at a haunted house and then we calmed the nerves over hot chocolate and whip cream and learned some halloween words in ASL Then we dropped by one friends home for our first ever and only trick or treat. AND we topped it all off by heading to our new home in town and handed out some candy to about 20 kids that knocked on our door. Always love handy out candy to the kids. Hope your day was spooktacular too! hee hee hee BOO

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  1. Hey love the new pics and videos. I was able to enjoy Halloween with the girls and then go to the hospital. Thanks for being an ear. Talk to you soon.