Sunday, June 9, 2013

Keep Calm & Carry On

Three days prior to Francis's birthday I was out on front patio with Alistair feeding him some lunch and enjoying the sunshine. It was beautiful. Francis was sleeping in her crib and decided it was time to wake up from her nap. So of course I went and grabbed her and brought her back out to sit with her brother and I. She had a few bites of Alistair's lunch when I looked over at him. He was still. Not a movement. I quickly leaned close, looking through his sunglasses to just see his eyeballs were white. He wasn't breathing. I slammed Francis down on the deck and ripped him out of his chair bringing him into the house. He was grey blue now. I grabbed the phone. 911. I gave the location and phone number before Alistair started to take a breath again. Ugg....thank goodness. In moments like this everything rips through your brain. Is this it? Is he going to come back? Will he acquire damage if he does come back? Poor Francis was confused. Of course I'm trying to sound calm for her and smile and talk with her at the same time. Poor thing. Luckily it was relatively short lived in the whole grand scheme of seizures but UGG. No one should see their own kidlet turn grey blue.
We did go to the hospital and get checked out. Blood work was clear as well as the x-rays. Actually it was questionable whether there was a spot of pneumonia in his lungs but "its hard to read pediatric x-rays". I'm probably the only parent that was delighted that he proceeded to have an awful fever of 38-39 degrees for a couple of days afterwards. It just gave a reason for the seizure. I also figure he likely seized with food in his mouth causing him to loose his airway as his seizures truly tend to be quite minor in the realm of seizures.

Anyhow, I did toy with the idea of canceling Francis's First Birthday. The idea gutted me. I am very aware that she has already learned that at times she has to wait as Alistair needs to be put first or needs immediate attention. She's such a patient little lady. So to start off her birthdays with a cancelation would just make me ache. Fortunately, Alistair started to get on the mend the day before her big day and as you can see from the previous blog it was a fabulous day.

As Jason said today we just have to accept that this is part of Alistair's life.
 So I guess we may as well....
 "Keep Calm & Carry On"
Check out some cute videos of Alistair & Francis


  1. Cute video. I could only see the first one. The other said something about a duplicate.
    Bigs hugs to you! Your a wonderful mother.

    Talk to you soon.


  2. How awful for you Jules, but glad it was OK in the end. I guess it's awful to think, but you may have more scary times ahead of you. Alistair and Francis are so lucky that you are such a level headed Mum for them to have, and will deal with what you can. The video is cute, I too could only see the first one, but really lovely to see them enjoying each other like that! Take care and keep smiling. Love from Lisa, Harold, Emma and Kelly xx

  3. There are no words when something happens to a child. I'm glad that things turned out well. Your kiddos are adorable.