Saturday, May 25, 2013

Little Misses Turns ONE!

What a fabulous day we had celebrating Francis FIRST birthday. I know a picture says a thousand words but I honestly could post a thousand pictures of this wonderful day. So instead you're going to get 20-30! Francis was just in awe with all the people that suddenly turned up at her house. She knew something was up but couldn't quite put her finger on it.
 As soon as she woke up she was a happy camper and into her traditional
morning routine of flipping through books.
I had fun staying up till the wee hours of the morning making all sorts of yummy stuff. Thank to Grandma Hedges who came up with the "Teddy Bear Picnic" theme everything was in the shape of a teddy bear including the honey teddy bear sandwiches. Thankfully, some buddies came to the rescue the day of and got it finished up in time.
I know Francis wasn't aware of it all but I just had fun doing it myself. It was my own way of celebrating such a delightful addition into our lives and the wonderful smiles she's given us over the past year.
 I kept the cupcakes simple and easy. The kids thought they were fun......
......and Francis found them tasty.
Even the ants thought they were yummy!
 Francis got all sorts of kisses including a double whammy from Auntie Bonita & Mommy
 The weather cooperated clearing right up and we were able to go outside and enjoy the nice weather true picnic style. O and see our friend taking pictures in the background, that's Jeremy. Thanks to him we have all sorts of lovely pictures to capture such a wonderful moment in time. So the fabulous ones on this blog are thanks to Jeremy!!!!
 Francis stuck pretty close to Grandma......
......and Daddy as they were her constants.
All sorts of friends.... 
and family made it out making it all the more special of a day.
Even Uncle George came out from Edmonton.
All the kids had simple fun just being kids. The tent caterpillars were a hit with the little fella in the picture above. I was giving him stickers for collecting as many as he could. They went home with mama...sorry Kara! LOL
It was such a great day.
Basic fun with fabulous people.
Francis enjoyed it all, including showing off her skill of being able to climb into a chair.
Along with her natural talent of loving her brother who was feeling sick.
To break things up we opened presents in the evening after she had had a nap and allowed herself to process the party.
Surprise surprise the cardboard box turned out to be a hit!
 However, she loved the IKEA chair we bought her so much that she was in it before Uncle George even had all the screws in.

Its incredible how quickly my little girl has grown into a toddler. 
 She consistently puts a smile on all faces that are around her.
 Francis is truly a delightful light in our lives that we just can't ever get enough her.
♥Love You Turkette♥

 Video of Little Lady the morning of her first bday CLICK HERE
Francis in her new chair from Mom & Dad CLICK HERE
Video of Uncle George & Francis building her chair CLICK HERE

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