Thursday, April 4, 2013

Switchin It Up

So I'm always trying to switch things up a bit to keep Mr Man entertained and stimulated. So today when I snapped him into his stander I was trying to figure what I should do with him to keep his mind off of what he was really doing. Basically, we just had a bunch of fun! I started off with dancing him about the living room/kitchen which I have added a video for you to check out. I'll just apologize ahead of time for the singing component! Then I wondered how he'd react to being pushed up to the piano. He wasn't too keen on doing his own plunkin on the piano but once I did he seemed to really enjoy it. He watched my hands as well as put one of his hands up on my arm as I played. It was a pretty special time. I tried taking videos but I so get stage fright with the whole playing piano in front of others....even a silly video camera that I totally make a disaster of the music! LOL Isn't that the craziest thing you ever heard. Anyhow, it was neato that he got something out of that whole experience. I may just have to try plunkin on that piano of my mothers a tad more since the kidlets love it so much!


  1. So great to see Alistair in the stander! Keep playing, Julie and a good day to you all........Love, Anita