Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Has Sprung

 Spring has truly sprung for me when I start getting dirt under my finger nails. It happened a tad earlier this year then expected. The sun was shining with double digits warming the sole. It was gorgeous. Any reason to get out and rake a couple leaves peaking out from under the edge of the melting snow, breaking up some ice on the patio or planting some Hens & Chicks with my little girl. Its just amazing to watch her curiosity. It brings me back to the basic enjoyment one can get from life. We don't need all the shinny bells and whistles to make the world go round or feel complete. I didn't need to run to the store to get her the perfect Easter treat. Just an old rotten basket filled with dirt was a great focal point for Francis day. She got so much enjoyment out of pulling the little succulents out as I tried to plant them and shortly there after she was stuffing them back in the dirt. It continuously amazes me how many firsts are bombarding her little inquisitive brain. How exciting to join her in all these precious little moments.
 Yesterday we headed out to Grandma's Farm for Easter Dinner. The cutest thing occurred. As always we haul in the kidlets and all the gear. I dropped off Francis with Grandma and she didn't want to do anything but literally hug Grandma for a good 20 minutes. She'd raise her head and then promptly snuggle it back into Grandma's sweater. I think all parties were thoroughly enjoying themselves!
The barefoot family attempted a family photo. Out of ten shots this was the best of the bunch. Three out of four faces isn't bad.
I'd like to leave you today with this 8 minute video clip. Its worth the watch and it touched home for me and made me remember to not forget about "the gift of an ordinary day"  CLICK HERE

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  1. Grandma & Francis - Such a very special picture! That is LOVE!.......A great day to you all.......Love, Anita