Tuesday, April 30, 2013


 It's that time of year again! The Prince George Home Show is behind us.....whoop whoop...... thank goodness! Its such a whirlwind leading up to it. Jason built another deck in our driveway but this time promoting his "TUFDEK...The World's Strongest Vinyl Decking". I have to admit its damn good! Not the cheapest but the best! It even gets used for commercial roofing. So yeppers it's waterproof. Kinda fun actually this year giving it a push as we lived with it on our front deck all winter. So were able to know how it works fantastic first hand which made it easier talking to people about it. Everyone seemed to like the whole idea of it which is a bonus for us. It sure wasn't the warmest of days though. This picture looks like it was a beauty for a weekend but man it was windy and cold! Luckily the precipitation was kept to a minimum as people are still willing to stop if they aren't getting drenched. Anyhow, a successful show. Definitely was talked out by the end of it......yes surprise surprise I was talked out. I guess the thing is you just say the same thing over and over and over again. As you can see we picked a name for his decking side of things "NORTHERN DECKS". We figured its short, sweet, and easy to remember.  We also got a website started too so check that out. www.northerndecks.com Again easy to remember and kind of a necessity with the way the world seems to be going so cyber.
 Jason's been using our little carport and Mom's farm to store stuff which has been handy in some ways but a pain in may others. Is got to the point that he was just running from one spot to the next so much that it was starting to waste valuable time. So alas Daddy has his first shop!
 Its pretty nice for him to finally get to this stage. Its been a long time coming and he's made it work in the past but it was time to take the jump to the next stage.
Even though Dad has been running nonstop he always finds time for his kidlets.....and his wifey.
 We just think he's fabulous......I guess that's because he is!

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