Friday, May 4, 2012

Strollers Galore

It seems that we went from having just one stroller to three new ones in a matter of weeks. I'm sure you're thinking WHAT or WHY!!?
Well depending on what you are use to you may not call this a stroller but it is! We have been waiting for funding and the order to go through for this for a few months now. I'm just delighted to have this in our home now. It makes life so much easier and better visually for Alistair. I say this as the chair is on a hydraulic system which allows me to have him low enough I can sit on the couch and feed him, bring him over to the kitchen and have him at my eye level, or pull him right up to the dining table and be part of the family. There are also a lot of out door benefits I'm sure but we just haven't gotten there yet! If you want to look into this stoller more its called a Hi-Lo Stroller from
Then the other day our friends Jack & Becca came over with a double chariot stroller for us as a dual present. Jason did a bunch of work for them on their house this past winter and with the baby en route they wanted to give us something special. Special it is too! I would never have gone out and bought one but the beauty of it is that you can buy all sorts of attachments for it. For instance, I'm really excited for this winter as I can get a ski attachment and pull it behind me. Anyhow it'll be fun to figure it out.

Then with having bambino number two coming and needing a double stroller mom came over one day with this one that I've been eyeing up. I love it as it sits Alstair up right so he's looking out rather than up at the sky which is the way most strollers seem to be riged. The other thing about this is the bottom seat can be turned so the kids are facing each other which I feel would be nice stimulation for the both of them. This stroller is a City Select Double
Mom just Emailed me this photo of Grandma Hedges & George in his stroller that Mom uses. Now haven't they come a long way to convincing us that we need more...bigger, better, off terraine strollers. Really, the whole stroller thing can be a tad on the ridiculous side. HOWEVER, I'll tell you what when your child has such a decrease in their over mobility it truly is wonderful as our little people become very dependent on them on how they perceive the world and how, what and where mom can take them!

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