Friday, May 18, 2012

40 Weeks & 3 Days and STILL PREGO

Well yes its true and I was right, I'm an overdue mama and a BIG way! If I don't go into labour by the 22nd they will schedule me for induction on the 25th. ACK. Honestly, I've done everything on the old wives tale list to get this bambino coming in the last couple of day.....jumping on a trampoline, cutting three city lots of lawn, eatting spicy food, squats, lots of lovin, and being active! Noppers this kidlet just figures its way to cozy in then out! I even got some raspberry bushes, engelman ivy, and about 10 planters planted. The lawn is fertilized, and so on and so forth. O well I may as well not fret as this little one is just going to enter this world when it jolly well pleases. Oooo and I got this beautiful bouquet for Mother's Day from my men. Love it! The lilly's are making the house smell gorgeous.

 Here is little man stylin! LOL I've been trying and trying to get him to wear these sunglasses (for years) and he refuses. The fact that he is photosensitive makes being out doors a tad trying for him so i was delighted when he finally kept them on while we hung out on the patio. We will see what happens next time. I also bought him that chew toy through the States. I read somewhere that it is common for kids with low muscle tone to have drooling issues as it affects their muscles in the face. In addition, the low muscle tone affects their speech as well. One way I've read to help with this is to give them chew toys to strengthen their facial muscles. So Alistair is happily chewing away now. I got it through if anyone is interested.
This was so super cute I had to take a picture. We had all just finished hanging out by the camp fire and as soon as we came in Alistair crashed in his Dads arms. Its a rarity to have him fall asleep on us so when it happens out comes the camera. I'm really happy to report that Alistair has normalized again. We increased his meds a tad and it seems to have done the trick. He's back to his interactive, giggly self. Plus all the extra eye and body movement has disappeared. Its odd really in hind site we know he goes through these not so positive episodes every so often. It always seems to be right when he's really progressing forward. So not sure if just a coincidence or he progresses during a growth spurt which in turn effects his meds or what but it does happen every so often and I never get use to it.

I guess one always worries that he won't come around this time or that something else has surfaced that will cause issues. Especially, due to the fact he is undiagnosed anything is possible whether its in the negative or positive direction. Anyhow, I just love this video that I caught yesterday of Jason and Alistair. He just loves his Dad so much and well ...his Dad..... he just can't get enough of his son either...warms my heart!

 ☼ Have a Beautiful Day ☼

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  1. Hey, glad to hear things are back on track. We are thinking about you!