Wednesday, May 9, 2012

39 Weeks & Busy

Yeppers this is me just a couple days prior to 39 weeks. I figured I had better take a couple of photos with the belly prior to going into labour. Which is still pending! I'm feeling pretty darn good. Yesterday I got our last scheduled major appointments out of the way. Plus I've been trying to get various other things off my list so I have to do as little as possible in the month following the arrival of our new little one. I really have no idea whether its going to be a boy or girl. No incling at all. Just feel like it'll be over the due date. The majority seem to think it'll be a girl but who knows! I had my membranes stripped the other day with little results and the doc figured I'm  going to be another good week. This last while isn't as bad as I had heard. Ya I'm large, move awkwardly, etc. but really its not super bad. I'm just looking forward to not having the achey hips and shoulders. I think too when I compare it to Alistair's last few weeks in utero I really have nothing to complain about with this one.

Unfortunately, Alistair has had a rough last week or so. Its been coming on slowly where he just seems over active, shouting more, and just disorganized in his body and eye movements. However, in the last two days its been quite bad where he goes from almost hysterical laughter to crying to whining and back again. Plus he has all these really random, jerky body movements which even happen in his sleep when we can finally get him to settle. Its bizzare and obviously upsetting for us as he was coming along so nicely. He was starting to talk back and forth, take some assisted steps, and just be progressing all in a nice direction. I guess I shouldn't be surprised but its just heart aching when you have so much hope for your little man and wham it comes to an abrupt halt or actually more like several steps backwards. The worst part is that he just isnt' enjoying himself these days and is struggling. So I have increased his antiseizure med slightly as of last night. I just feel it has something to do with a disorganized over active brain and fingers crossed this will help resolve things in the next week or so. Poor little fella. Anyhow, obviously we just hope we can get him back on track sooner than later too as it will make life a tad easier when this other kidlet decides its better to be out than in.


  1. My heart goes out to you Julie sending you butterflies and rainbows auntie R

  2. Do you think maybe he is sensing that his sibling is coming and he is not happy about having to share his momma?