Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's all in the Choices

Thats are next big attempt to incorporate into our regular schedules is CHOICES. Actually I'm attempting to make a significant effort to work on Alistair's communication skills in general. For the longest time we really put his mobility to the forefront but now with the rewarding changes in this department we need to also bring up his communication to speed. I'm sure I've said it a million times but its one thing to be told the importance and to even realize the importance of incorporating various techniques into Alistair's daily life but to actually do it is another thing. I find I realize after the fact I "should've" done this, that and whatever. A good example is working on the sign language. I remove Alistair's diaper and THEN realize I should've signed what I'm doing first.
We have some great advisors that work with us in regards to Alistair's communication. Right now we really want to make an effort in getting Alistair aware of whats happening before we do it to him. ie changing his diaper, putting on his glasses, picking him up, etc.... We also are finding ways to give him choices. So for lunch today we had a drink and some food. He had to touch the bottle or the spoon to let me know what he wanted. Its quite the process as I think it takes a bit for his brain to tell his body what he wants it to do. But he seemed to get great enjoyment out of making his own choices. You know sometimes I find it hard to know if I'm just seeing what I want to see (ie accomplishments) or if they are truly occuring. Anyhow, the whole plan is eventually we could hopefully resort to pictures and buttons that he could push so he can communicate his needs especially if the verbal aspect never comes to light.... He hasn't really progressed too much with the speech side of things. Yet with that I just have to mimic all the sounds he produces and we do manage to go back and forth quite a bit. But there hasn't been any babbling, or vowels produced past what he already has done. So thats the big challenge is just continuing on when one doesn't see the results they want week after week. However, with other aspects like his ability to stand with assistance or touch the bottle or spoon to indicate what he wants has taken months upon months. Yet we as a family have been rewarded with our perseverance.... I keep thinking of stroke victims and the motivation and need to persevere to receive those golden little changes in life that seem like a massive victory.
O and some great news. We just found out a couple of days ago that we are getting financial support from the Giving in Action Society towards a wheelchair accessible vehicle as well as all the materials to create a wheelchair accessible shower and front entrance. So hopefully by the end of March we will have our bathroom completed!

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