Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3 + 1 = 4

Thats right folks we've made an addition thats brewing away and is already 16 weeks in the making! We're so super excited/nervous but I've already made my way down to St Pauls Hosptial in Vancouver to see how things were progressing and the radiologist said that all looked well. Actually the ultrasound tech really took her time as she knew I was a nervous pervous and showed me where the heart was, the diaphragm outline, and even the stomach. It was very lovely of her as it put me a bit more at ease with it all as of course we've heard all the statistics in the book telling us the chances of this that and everything else and to be honest I'm bloomin sick of hearing statistics because statistically Alistair is the only one of his kind on this planet as they don't know why he is the way he is! LOL So ya don't talk to me about statistics. Anyhoo I'm feeling great. I've passed my bitching, emotional nauseous period and now life is just skippity doo so lets hope it stays that way. So I figured with all the changes coming our way I should give the blog a new fresh look that goes hand in hand with this pregnancy. I picked the jelly beans because unfortunately I can not get my hands on enough candy! I especially love the good ol' sours that are all dried up at the corner gas station. I am preventing myself from totally gorging on them but yummers! So life is good all around for this family at the moment. Jason remains busy as a self employed carpenter which is pretty nice at this time of year, I'm continuing to work part time in our crazy emergency department, and Alistair continues to surprise us with the progress he makes. He's now rolling on his tummy, maintaining that stance and playing with a toy momentarily! Love it. OOOooo and the gluten free diet ROCKS. We have decreased Alistair's laxative to half a tsp from a full tsp and I think we're going to beable to take him right off it. Plus now when he has a toot he doesn't cry and he doesn't spend three days attempt to have a good ol' BM. Now he's regular schmagular....so nice nice nice... We've also stuck him on a low dose of melatonin at night to help him with his sleep and it does seem to help but I don't think it removes the terrible two attitude he has a bed time. However the melt downs have become less and less which is lovely with this upcoming babes on the way. So ya life is great...so lets hope it is the same for you on your end...cheers till next time ♥


  1. Hi!
    Great news, how exciting! So very happy for you all, sounds as though all is going well. All the best. Love your new blog appreance!......Love, Anita (CA)

  2. Love the new blog look and congrats that all looks AOK as far as your pregnancy goes this time round. Hang in there and have fun in the snow with Alistair. auntie rosi

  3. Good to heat everything's going well.
    Will call real soon.

  4. MMMM love the sour candies at the corner store. Dave always laughs when I buy them wondering when will I ever grow up. I told him I think I will always love them. Glad to hear the new diet is working. Great chatting with you.


  5. That's wonderful news so happy for you and your family... Lavinia Pureveen

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    Keep Posting:)