Monday, June 27, 2011

Whirlwind Trip

Well I almost hate to post that I went on this trip as there is so many people I would have liked to visit but one can only get in so much in a whirlwind trip. Basically, we put on about 2000 km in three days. We left PG early Monday morning and returned Wednesday evening as my buddy Lise, who I didn't take any pics of, wanted to scoot over to Alberta to check out some horses.

Alistair did incredibly well in his new Britax carseat as he didn't have any pressure points on his back. Its a concern of mine as with his hypotonia (low muscle tone) he can be a little bony along his spine. But whoop whoop no problemo there. Plus he was super content for most of the drive.

This was who Lise wanted to go and pet. She bought this beauty and called it after me! I feel so honoured. I'm not sure about the spelling but her name is Gewels.
We ended up staying with my friend Candace in Lacombe. It was great to see her plus her little man Sam. The last time he was in the belly. What a little busy body he is...cutiepatootie!

Little Sam in bath mode. Just love his expressions!

We also got to catch up with my good friend Sandra who happened to be down too. It was so nice for me to have three incredible and important women in my life all together in the same spot. The only bummer is we were having such a great time catching up I forgot to take a group shot! LOL

Its funny you know ALL Mom's are very watchfull over their little people that they don't pull, push, or yank on Alistair but I'm always saying let them go for him! Of course I'm protective so he doesn't get hurt. But because of his situation he doesn't get alot of contact with kidlets and his lack of mobility even makes it more so. Therefore, I am always plunking other kids right beside Alistair trying to get some interaction going!

Not too much interaction going here.....yet happily hanging out. : D En route home we got to see my dad's favortie mountain, Mount Robson. As you can see from the picture we could basically see clear to the top which can be hard to come by. Its so breath taking. We also got to see a ton of black bears, elk, coyotes, moose, and big horn sheep. So it was definitely a stimulating drive and good for this mama's brain! Thanks Lise : D

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