Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Flintstones!

We all remember the Flintstones don't we?!?!?! We'll not too long ago someone had me watch this YouTube video of the Flintstones. Its a neat little clip as over the 49 seconds it gives you a concept of what people are hearing when they are dealing with various levels of hearing loss. So many people figure if they just talk/yell louder that the person can hear and thats just not the case. CLICK HERE to get a taste of hearing loss in a familiar and comical little video clip! While you're watching keep in mind that Alistair has moderate to severe hearing loss.


  1. neat u tube Julie auntie Rosi

  2. Thanks Julie, I posted this to my facebook I see so many kiddos with mild to moderate loss and all my old NICU nurse friends will be interested in this. Helpful for families too. Alistair looks great. Pat