Thursday, July 8, 2010

Little Man turns ONE!

Its absolutely unbelievable that Alistair is ONE! Wow time flies and so much water under the bridge too! In typical Julie fashion I left everything to the last minute (the afternoon of!). Its funny really I've had 365 days to plan his first bday and I wait until I'm in the grocery store to be inspired (kinda typical of me). So Alistair and I drove around in a nicely conditioned vehicle (thank goodness as it was 30+ deg outside) and went Alistair shopping for streamers, prezzies, & food! We got some fun touch activated musical toys, some snazzy shoes, party decorations, salmon steaks, foccacia bread, whip cream, & lots of berries. As you can see from the pics Uncle George made it home to celebrate with us. It was a fabulous afternoon. I decked out the deck. Made Alistair a balloon bicycle that became a unicycle as soon as I put it down! LOL The only thing is our poor little guy was nackered by the time we started to celebrate as it was bed time! I'm sure he felt all the positive vibes throughout the day. So as Alistair dozed off in his high chair. We consumed a yummy meal off the BBQ and dove into a berry shortcake without strawberries as he's had a bit of a reaction to them. We still sang happy bday, blew out his candlle, and took turns opening his presents. It was a wonderful day of celebration and I have to admit my heart strings were pulled several times throughout the day thinking of the incredible journey our little man has indured over such a short period. He continues to smile, make us laugh, eat copious amounts, and progress at his own pace. June has been a great month for him although his seizures have surfaced once again within the past week. Fortunately Alistair and I are off to Vancouver this Monday to see a slew of specialists, one of which is a neurologist, so I'm sure a new plan will be considered. The great thing is that after we have three days of appointments we're going to join Uncle George on Niatross for a few days for a bit of a brain break!


I thought I'd add a few pics from his first days. Its astounding really what the human body can endure! We're so in love with him and of course so very proud!

Daddy and Alistair when he was still in his private room with all his life saving gadgets.

Loving being in Daddy's arms.

Yes there was a time Alistair would take a soother....only when on bubble CPAP!

Mummy with her precious little man shortly after surgery.

We all love those little toes... : D

What an incredible journey of precious memories. I love you Alistair so very very much.....


  1. Happy Birthday Alistair! Wren is talking like crazy and as soon as she seen the video she said baby Alistair. The girls really enjoyed seeing Alistair in real life because they always sit with me and watch the videos. Keep them coming. Hope you have a good trip to Vancouver and enjoy the boat.


  2. Happy happy happy. . . .one year. . what a journey. Lovely little man. . wishing you many more memorable days and moments.

    Eloise and Jeff and kids