Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well we started off Canada Day by going to the park in Prince George and so did thousands and thousands of others. So after an hour of standing in line for food and watching people parade around Jason and I decided to go fishing instead! I think Jason's love for a lack of people is somewhat rubbing off on me. My brain was so much happier once we got out of that place and into some real Canadian landscapes. We headed out a back road close to moms, found a little creek, pulled out some fishing rods, got out our Canadian cups, filled them with some Canadian cheer and celebrated Canada in peace! Alistair and I walked down the back road checking out a ton of gorgeous wild flowers. I have to say an Indian Paint Brush (above) is still one of my fav's! I use to suck the little sugar sacs in them as a kid. Anyways I just love the accessibility we have up here to the outdoors. One of the wonderful things about good ol' PG.Alistair continues to progress. The head control he's acquired over the past month is phenomenol. He's needing less and less support up high now. For instance, we use to have to support his neck and now we're supporting his lower chest as shown above. The CDC (child development centre) gave us that supportive chair, the table, and numerous tools to help Alistair progress and they're definitely doing there job. We try to get in the chair once a day for about 30-45 minuites. As for rolling over, he's definitely grasping the whole concept. I almost lost him off the bed the other day not expecting him to make so much progress so quickly! Its wonderfully shocking! One of the vidoes below shows him rolling about on the bed. He loves the freedom thats forsure.

Well I hope you all had a super day! Julie

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  1. Happy First Birthday, Alistair! (one day late,oops) Wow, what wonderful progress in the past 3 weeks! Hope you make it to FSJ this summer.
    Maureen xo