Friday, December 19, 2014

Chrismtas ~ Part one of two

Christmas was fabulous this year. We celebrated it twice. Once in British Columbia and once in Manitoba. This post is of the BC celebration.

Uncle George came out nice and early so we all had time to do our classic relaxing and bonding.
It was an incredibly fun Christmas for Francis as she really was so much more aware of everything from the bright  "pretty" lights, Christmas decorations, and chocolate event calendar.
I even joined the bandwagon and pulled out our Christmas elf  "Elfie" (I know very original hey!) She loved this guy. But as soon as she found him it was pertinent he got back on Rudolf so that he could head back to Santa the following night.
For some reason "Frosty" became the popular fellow of the season for little Miss Francis. Everywhere we went she would yell with joy if she found another Frosty. It made it very easy to keep her delighted over the season.
As usual Francis loved her one on one time with Grandma. There is always something new to learn and explore with Grandma.

 Uncle George added to Francis collection of Lego. The day was a nice long relaxing one just to allow enjoyment in everything that there was to enjoy.
Alistair particularly loved all the wrapping paper and bright active toys he got.
Nothing better than Daddy time!
So although there was a almost green grass outside to celebrate Christmas this year it all felt very festive indoors with the family.

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