Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Show Must Go On!

Alistair had been struggling with some sinus stuff and to my dismay it was getting worse just prior to his Christmas concert. The faculty had been making such an incredible effort to ensure that there was a ramp and room available so he'd seamlessly get on stage with his classmates. In addition, he had s significant role on stage when it was the kindergartens moment of fame. I was so touched by all the on going efforts from everyone that it saddened me that after all this it may not become a reality.
The day before I noticed a hair poking out of his nose and proceeded to pull my foot long plus hair from his irritated nostril. Who knew that was going to be the culprit. This being the factor made me push for him to be at the concert as I knew then it wasn't a stomach bug or head cold. However, he still was gagging due to nasal drip issues. I said to a couple staff members at Buckhorn Elementary that we would make a decision last minute but I was worried he'd puke on stage. Their response: "So what! Then we clean it up" This is a perfect example of how easy and uncomplicated they've all been during Alistair's transition to school. This eased mama greatly.
One would never have guessed from the pictures there were any issues prior. He was obviously so delighted to be there. Landon in the top picture and another little girl Taylor took on the important role of ensuring Alistair was in the right place at the right time. Both these little ones have been such important and natural buddies since Alistair arrived in school on his first day. Anyhow, when Alistair rolled on stage he was beaming from ear to ear with his beautiful smile and waving his hands about in delight. His Mom and Grandma had tears and Uncle George and Dad did the stoic (pre tears) thing. This was the best Christmas present I/Alistair could ever have. What an amazing transition this experience has been. One thing for sure is Alistair has taught me that the show must go on!
Merry Christmas Everyone!


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