Saturday, July 20, 2013

Grammy & Grampy

We are so lucky that Grammy & Grampy were able to come out for a couple weeks and visit us all. We were able to get in lots of visits and social time. Both my sister in laws family and ours were able to all get out for a camping trip down at the Bowron Lakes. Apart from the first evening of blustery weather we had a gorgeous weekend.
Jason and I have been toying with the idea of buying a newly used camper of some sorts but haven't really decided what we wanted. So while we are still pondering (and will likely continue to for several years) we decided to unload Jason's tool trailer and camp in it. It worked perfectly! Alistair crashed up at the front. We threw a thick foamy in the center and we set up a playpen for Francis at the back. With the little sky light up top and the side door we felt like we were living it up not having to worry about much of anything. It was so successful we will be doing it again here in a couple of weeks!
Fortunately, the next two days were great weather so we were able to sit out and enjoy the sun as well as the campfires at night.
We all went and checked out Barkerville, a historic gold rush town, for half the day as well. Our kidlets at this stage could have cared less to be honest but it brings back great memories of childhood field trips and family excursions.
Mind you Francis was quite delighted with the big stick of sugar she got to suck on that mommy got for her at the store.
In typical fashion we also filled up on a great lunch of Chinese food. I have to say they were so incredibly accommodate re. Alistair and the need for extra space. I have to say I was impressed.
As you can see Francis was just thrilled she had the opportunity to ride on Daddy's shoulders.
Driving in off the main highway 80km into Barkerville, once the largest city north of San Fransico and west of Chicago, it just utterly amazes me the perseverance that individuals must have had to arrive at this place from all over the world with the hopes and dreams of making it rich. Really it wasn't that long ago as it was just back in the 1860's. Its amazing to consider even how much has changed in the last 150 years!
Anyhow, we did bring along a kayak with me hoping I'd get a chance to get a little paddle in. It was short and sweet but just the opportunity to go for 1/2 an hour clears my brain so nicely. I then decided that I should take Francis & Alistair for a tiny tour. Apart from having to support Alistair from side to side I was impressed with how well we did.
I figured I had better put this photo in too just incase some people started to have a conniption because there were no life jackets on Alistair. Ha! We just skirted the shore line for a bit and he was seemed thrilled.
Francis loved being out and about with the ability to explore whatever she could get her finger tips into. I was able to catch her in this bunch of wild flowers investigating the basics of life. Love it!
Just before Grammy and Grampy left we celebrated Alistairs bday a couple days earlier so they could join in the celebration. It was so nice to have a big family gathering.
As usual the time just flies by.
But at least the times we did have together were so memorable and precious.

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