Friday, July 26, 2013

Another BIG backtrack

So maybe you wonder why I bother to do the back tracking thing. Well this blog has become like a diary of sorts for me and when I forget or don't have the time to post my pics and notes I feel the need to sneak them in. Sooooo here is another sneek from back in May.
I know I had already back tracked and put a note in about the ABM therapy we received while in Alberta. Well after that the kids and I headed just over an hour south of Edmonton and caught up with a buddy of mine that I made while in nursing school in Red Deer awhile back.
Anyhow, Candace holds a very special place in my heart. Almost like a sister really...I mean what do I know....I may as well call her my long lost sister LOL. Just an incredibly uncomplicated friend that really is such a breath of fresh air to be around. Love her.
So after driving all the way to Edmonton in one day and following it up with five days of therapy which included 2 hours a day of driving we were all ready for some down time. It was fantastic.
 Its hilarious really as we actually didn't leave the property AT ALL for the whole week we were there.
They had a great yard to socialize and get the kids out in and their place was just so cosy we bunkered down and let the kids have a blast socializing away.
Francis tried conquering stairs....
 .........reading books in a box.........
 .........and jumping in a bouncy castle...........
 We also spent a good deal of time in the backyard to all the kids delight
.....trying to stay cool....
.....and looking cool......
Meal time was always entertaining.

With all sorts of seating arrangements. 

Francis continually was entertained.
It became obvious quite quickly that
Ellie and Francis would be good buds for the week.
By the time it we packed up and headed home the brain was well rested and the heart was full from all the wholesome friendship talk. Hopefully I get back again next summer!

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  1. So glad you had a good visit. You and Candace are both truly wonderful people!