Tuesday, September 4, 2012


This was the incredible view we had over the past long weekend. Over the summer Jason said he is going to dedicate four weekends to the family. He's just so darn busy that if he doesn't do this he just works straight through. Its been fabulous. We ended up finding a little place on Stuart Lake over by Ft St James called Stuart Lake Lodge. The nice thing for both of us is that we remove ourselves from the home environment which forces us to stop and just be. I actually read a book. Jason held the kidlets and enjoyed being Dad.
 We went for a stroll down to the water and later drove down with a load and just hung out. It was fabulous. No one else was there so it was  like our own private little beach. The one thing we really notice is since Jason is going constantly all the time and outside all day everyday he just can't wait to just sit and be with the kids. Where as I've been sitting and being with kids and feel quite sedentary that I just want to get out and move.
 Well truthfully at this stage in the game the kidlets don't allow us to move much anyhow. Alistair maxs out at about 20min in the carrier but sometimes he'll go for as long as an hour. Where as Francis she just falls asleep happily wherever we are.
 So luckily for me Jason was more than happy to hang out with the kidlets on shore while I went for a little kayak in the bay. It is true that Stuart Lake can change in minutes weather wise. One minute it was glorious and sunny and the next big black clouds hung overhead. Plus I was quite surprised how much of a swell developed from just across the lake. I hate to admit it but I got dunked! So I got a good cooling off before even starting. LOL Anyhow, I loved it. In the picture above you can see the cabins up on the hillside if you follow the nose of the kayak up. They had a nice little piece of property down on the lake to enjoy.
Plus the view was stunning. You could see caves up in the cliffs. Supposidly there are caves around the area with Native American cave paintings. That would have been fantastic to see.
Well I think the most active one in the whole family was Alistair. This little guy just suddenly can't get enough of being up on his hands and knees. He gets such a kick out of himself for doing so. Its just a pleasure to see. He has obviously progressed with this over the month. Initially he'd get up perhaps a handfull of times over the day. Now its a handfull of times in 5 minutes! We remain cautiously optimistic and truthfully just enjoy the fact he's getting such enjoyment out of it all.

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  1. Always enjoy hearing what your up to:)