Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sneakin in more pics!

We got so many gorgeous pics done at Francis photo shoot that I want to get the majority of my favs on the blog so that one day when I get around to putting the book into hard cover for the family they will be included. Sometimes thats my motivator in regards to blogging. Now it provides a great family journal for myself and the kidlets to look back on.
It will be my winter project to get the blog year by year into hard cover as it honestly makes me nervous to have all this history in writing with no back up!
It is relatively easy to do just really time consuming and right now my time seems so precious! I really don't have any spare time until the evening when the kidlets go to sleep. I feel I wake up breast feeding, spoon feeding, working with Alistair, playing with the kidlets and then back to feeding, etc... I think thats the life of mamahood.
I read copious amounts of little posts stating that going to the grocery store for moms is a brain break or enjoyable just due to the fact one gets out of the house! I never would have imagined believing such a thing but ooo its so true. Sometimes I drive Jason's employees home as he knows it gives me a change of pace! LOL
I have to say I do truly enjoy motherhood but I sure look at life differently. If I'm sitting in the park and see teenagers horsing around now I see the carefree, unattached, zero responsibility spirit. Where before I would see an indecisive annoying kid thats trying to hard with everything.
Now they make me laugh and I truly get a kick out of teenagers as its really such an amazing time in ones life only caring about oneself and the color and style of clothes you'll wear that day in order to acquire the impact you hope to get.
Anyhow, we're off on another road trip. Hopefully Alistair will be a good little traveller. We have a good five hour drive ahead of us. We're heading North past Ft St John to my Uncle and Aunts cattle ranches for a family "decade party" There is someone in the family to represent each decade. Francis will be the one representing "zero"! LOL I'm sure I"ll have lots of great pictures to share when I get back. Toodallooo till then~ Julie

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