Saturday, September 24, 2011

Music & Water Therapy

Wowzers time has flown by once again since the last blog! Life has been busy as usual. I've been desperately trying to get the exterior of the house painted before winter sets in but the rain just seems to keep coming and preventing me from getting any further. I'm hoping in the next week there will be enough breaks for me to get it done! The shed if pretty much finished and I love it! I'm going a dark red called "Chipolte Paste"! I was a tad nervous at first but now its all good. : D

Alistair has been enjoying life. We continue to work with him to help with his progression and he continues to love two things .....water and music. So I added a couple of videos showing just that. We found out lately that the local pool allows us to go for free since he is "special needs" and I'm his "aide" So hey why not! So we've gone several times and he just gets tuckered out which is great. Lots of sensory input for him which is nice as well and helps me change things up a bit but continue to work on his physio. As for music he just loves the stuff. Always lots of smiles and knee kicks and just pure enjoyment. So he continues to have a good hour of music every day while he lays in his crib. His favorite song is by Sharon, Lois & Bram, ♫ One Elephant went out to play upon a spiders web one day.....♫ I can sing it to him and he grins from ear to ear!

We also found out just recently that our hearing aides and FM system is all going to be covered by the Ministry of Children & Families. I believe its until he's 18 which is a huge relief for us finanically. As his hearing aides alone are around $6,000 every 3-4 years! So again another humbling experience of what is available to us out there. Very nice indeed!

Well I must header and get some more things off my too do list.

Hope your all getting better weather then we are! At least its green here!

Cheers Julie


  1. Love the little clips. Post a pic of the house color, I would love to see it.

  2. Love the music video! He just looks so content as soon as it comes on...very cute!