Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring is in the AIR

Well the last weekend in April seems to be a caotic one for us least for the past two years. If you remember from last year Jason built a 20X30 deck for the home show out of 2x4's. This year he took it to another level. He was able to get RONA, Timberspan, and Seasonwood to donate their products allowing Jason to build a deck with higher quality products. As you can see able he built the initial part on our front lawn and then frantically in two days at the home show erected this whole thing! Craziness I must say!
All that being said though it is so worth it. We were just located at the front entrance like we were last year which means that every single individual that walks into the home show had to walk past us. I don't know what the tally is for this year but last year they said they had about 20,000 people walk through the show. So definitely we get a good bang for our buck in regards to advertising. Jason gets the opportunity to showcase his ability, talk to potential clients one on one, and make a lot of contacts through the show as businesses also have an interest in making connections! The other big benefit was that because we had the majority of the materials donated we were able to raffle it off and give the proceeds to the Northern BC Children and Families Hearing Society! (empowering deaf and hard of hearing kids and families) So someone got the deck for $2.00 and the society got a nice $1500.00!

Grandma watched Alistair for the weekend as I helped Jason promote his business. To give you an idea we gave out around 800 business cards! Its a long weekend as the Saturday it was open from 8am to 9pm and it goes over three days. To tell you the truth I got sunburt and I think my hair color is a few lighter shades due to all the sunrays that weekend!

Everyone seemed to really like the Timber Fir pergola along with the composit decking and wood combination.

Of course the day Jason had to take it down it decided to pour with made for some great pictures though! : D

Well the calls are definitely coming in and Jason is busy putting estimates together.....spring is in the air!

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