Friday, May 6, 2011

Outdoor Progress : D

So the goal this summer is to get out and about more and not stuck on our own turf. One great place for us to head is Crystal, Mark and Walters place. Crystal and I both worked up in FSJ Emergency, got prego around the same time, and had complications with our pregnancies. Walter, believe it or not is a 24 weeker! Yeppers people that little munchkin in the pic below and he's doing fabulous! I was sure Walter was going to pop a balloon with his teeth but he didn't! Anyhow, this little men will be seeing a lot of each other this summer.....

Alistair not too sure what to do with the balloons other then imitate his buddy Walter!

Yes its TRUE! Alistair is actually standing on his own two feet!!! I couldn't believe it. As you know I've pushed and pushed our little man to weight bare by standing on his toes and holding him up under his arm pitts. Well we did get that stander which we get him to be in every day for about 20 minutes. Then the other day we were outside and while he was in my arms he showed a lot of interest in the tree. I have found that if I can get him thinking about other things then the task at hand that I want him to accomplish he is ALOT more likely to do so. So as you can see above the little munchkin did just that. He's weight baring. He only tolerates it for so long but he is doing it for a good 5-10min depending on the day and as long as he has him mama behind him for support. Plus I have to support his upper body due to the lack of muscle tone. But you know its just amazing lately how he's progressed with the whole core muscle tone. He's back to being able to sit with minimal support if he's fresh with energy and interested in something specific (some awesome toy from CDC!)
Here's a good example of Lynn, Alistair's physiotherapsit, working with Alistair to stand using an item to catch his attention.

We've also got this fabulous baby back pack that we got as a wedding gift...yes a wedding gift from Niki and my cousin Billy! Its so nice to have now and we just jam foam around him to give him core support. I figured I'd be lucky to have a couple minutes with him in the thing. However, half an hour later he let me know that he was done! So my big goal was to reach that length of time by the end of the summer and go on mini hikes everywheres and it looks like my dream has come true for us. Now for some new goals.......hmmmmm

Oooo yiippeee we finally got to download a video. This is a short and sweet one of Alistair playing with his favorite green ball. Its part of our morning routine after breakfast. Smart pops came up with this and its great. Alistair is in heaven when he sees the green ball coming.

Cheers Peps!

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  1. love the video ( and Jason comment LOL) good to see the update I have been wonering how thing are going:)