Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Having planned for months to surprise Mom with an 80th birthday party George and I were thrilled with the success of it all. Starting Thursday at 1130pm I brought my cousin Joanne to Mom's house. She was the first of many visitors to arrive and Mom was clueless of what was taking place. I had told her someone would be coming to stay with her for several days but I wouldn't say who and that was my way of having her house ready for a party!
The next evening Mom's cousin Ella arrived along with her two children Sandra and Ken as well as his wife Angela. Mom was definitely surprised but still clueless that people may continue to drop in.
The whole plan was for people to come as they arrived.
So that's what they did and it couldn't have worked out better.
 It gave mom just the right amount of time to socialize with everyone.
As one can see from the pictures it was great times had by all and the impact was delightful!
It was all about family, food, and festive celebrations.
I've said it before and I will say it again. If I can have 1/10th the contentment my mother has in life I will be thrilled. She's wise, realistic, grounded, motivated and truly inspirational all around. I truly hope that when I grow up I will be just like her.
Thanks for being awesome MOM!

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