Sunday, August 30, 2015

Mother-Daughter Photo Shoot

The days are clipping by and I thought this morning I better get these wonderful pictures of Francis and I online prior to having this bambino or I never will!
My friend Nancy Zavaglia texted me the other day and said she'd like to do a photo shoot for me. I don't tend to be one that likes to pose and the $$$ are not readily available to enjoy such a privilege especially on ones third kidlet so the offer was a real treat to say the least.
I was pleasantly surprised how natural the photos were and loved the environment she picked, as I had no idea where to go. So we went to Ginters Park in PG. She had told me about all this fireweed that had gone to seed which leant to a fabulous background.

Although the individuals of me contemplating the future are lovely my absolute favorites' are the ones that capture Francis's love for me as her mother.
Due to the fact I'm always behind the camera having fun catching the family in action its lovely to have some pictures of me with my little girly where the picture hasn't cut of my head or accentuated my double chin! Lets just say Jason's talent doesn't not lie behind a camera but with wood working tools in his hands. 

So if you are in Prince George and are looking for someone to capture you're family naturally definitely consider

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