Monday, May 25, 2015

My Little Girly Turned Three!

Believe it or not my little lady turned THREE just over a month ago now. WOW how time flies. She's definitely a witty independent little individual with a uniqueness of her own that I truly love.
As all parent's typically say " I can't imagine what life was like without her". Francis continually puts a smile on my face and brings out the best in me. She warms my heart daily with the sensitivity and caring nature she has towards her brother, her inquisitive nature,  and zest for life.
Francis had quite the birthday weekend. It started off with Grandma surprising her with a kitten who she chose to call LOLO. The kitten lives at Grandma's and proves to be a very tolerant buddy to Francis who is more than delighted with this fact. The second thing that happened is she got to have a b-day party with her buddies at Grandma's Farm. I'm getting smarter with each b-day as this one was super easy. Peanut butter and jam sandwiches along with watermelon slices were on the menu. As for activities it was just letting the kids just run and explore! They had a blast.
Plus I did a bit of decorating which was enjoyed more by the moms then the kids I'm sure. We got to just chill out under the mayday trees and solve the worlds problems.
Francis requested a pink cake so that's what she got. Even the inside was pink to her satisfaction. Not sure where she got the love of this colour but it is full on these days. So as you can see in the above picture she got a pink bike as well.
But to my delight she still loves digging in the dirt and feeling worms wriggle about in her hands.
The day of her actual bday which was a Monday she got one of her mothers breakfast creations.
Then she got spoilt with a second b-day party with her family and to her surprise Uncle George made a road trip out for it. So little missy had quite the stimulating weekend and it was fun to see her enjoy every aspect of it. She's just starting to realize that her b-day doesn't land on every Monday. Although it took a few weeks for her to grasp and accept this concept. Little minds are just adorable. Love it.

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