Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Children's Wish

 Well time has flown by once again at a ridiculous rate. So much has happened since the last time I posted but if I tried to catch up on everything I'd sit here for the next four hours or more and still continue to write. But to keep it short and sweet Alistair had a fifth birthday that we kept to immediately family. I thought I went overboard last year and then I had several little boys disappointed that they weren't invited which was actually very heart warming to me. Then Alistair ended up in the hospital again with a head cold with which he wouldn't consume a drop landing us there for two days again. After that Alistair continued with head colds etc and got me pretty stressed out as he was or has come down to a bag of bones. But thankfully in the last few days we have "our little Alistair back" as Jason said. We`ve also had Grandma Polly and Cousin Hunter for a visit along with my cousin Valerie and her four kidlets. So life has been busy.
 Anyhow during all this stress a friend had referred Alistair to the Children's Wish Foundation. It was a little hard to swallow at first as I've always associated these organizations with terminal kidlets. Well I soon found out that it is a bit different and one of the criteria is that they have a "life threatening illness". Well that`s still hard to swallow but not quite as difficult as the former. So I finally decided to get my butt in gear and phone Katie our wish coordinator.
 Long story short, Alistair was granted a wish! Yes you guessed it he got a travel trailer. We thought about the typical wishes you hear where the kids meet an idle, go on a special specific holiday like Disney Land or Hawaii but we knew he just wouldn't get out of it what he should. So when we heard that they had granted a financial portion of travel trailers we knew this would be something special.
 I have to admit at first it didn't feel quite right. But truthfully, Little Man loves the outdoors, the campfires, the close quarters, and the walks with changing environments.
 Plus it allows us to all have a holiday relatively close to home as a family. We just took it out for a night at Ten Mile Lake an hour South of PG and it was lovely. While Alistair slept. Francis was able to explore the trails, the leaves, and the twigs.
 When Alistair was awake the kids had many moments to chill out together. Whether it was outside on a sleeping bag or indoors sharing a bed and some toys.
 It does so much for us all as we get to be a family on a holiday. Sounds simple but when you have a little fella such as Alistair these moments are unique and special. Especially after a summer such as the one he's had where he seems to be chronically struggling with this that and the other.
 Although he is obviously a high special needs child there is no doubt that he loves the presence of his family and the ability to interact and do things as a unit. We can`t thank Children`s Wish enough for this incredible gift as it impacts each of us uniquely in a long term way. So I`d just like to say if you think you know someone that may possibly benefit from this incredible foundation take the time to go on their website and refer the family. I never thought Alistair would be accepted and perhaps you can have an impact on a family just as my friend Miranda had on us.

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  1. We are soo glad you got this trailer. and are glad our kids( Jaymee and Alex ) got theirs too :)