Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fun with Instagram

I've been having a lot of fun with the app "Instagram" I never would have guessed that I would be snapping pictures with my phone 5 years ago and getting the quality and ability to tweak and mold them to enhance what I caught in a moment. Even if I have my camera with me I find the phone just takes a quicker picture so I can catch that perfect little moment.
Its been especially fun since the fall colors have arrived. Francis and I have been trying to get out for a stroll almost every morning after dropping Alistair off at school. I love watching her excitement and interest in every little twig, puddle and leaf. Life is just so exciting for her from the moment she opens those little itty bitty eyes to the moment she whinging that its time for me to take her to bed. Its so fun to experience it all with her.
Its neat really as having Francis has made me slow down and appreciate whats around us. Rather than running from one to do list item to the next. She doesn't tolerate that or perhaps she would but with her enthusiasm for life it just would be a shame to rob her of all these beautiful and innocent experiences that are to be had.
Having this opportunity makes me stop and look around out what neat and exciting things I can bring to her attention. Or sometimes just watch where she leads me and more times then not I'm pulled right in to her excitement. How could I not?!?
 I definitely have a little dare devil on my hands. That's one thing I have to watch her with. Before I knew it she had herself situated to come down this slide. Now when we're at the pool she's pointing at the water slide before we even get out of the change room. Then as soon as we splash down she's signing "again, again, again" So fun!
My brother whipped home for Thanksgiving which is always great. Francis obviously remembered Uncle George no problem and soon became attached to his lap.
My Sister in Law, Bonita, cooked us a fabulous feast which brought us all together.
There was lots of girl cousin time
 and Francis loved her little cousin Georgia to the point she kept giving her hugs and kisses. Mind you I gave her a few hugs and kisses myself!
Francis always loves going to Auntie Bonita's as there are so many new things to look at and play with including a table for her size.
Yesterday Alistair and Francis came out and helped with the leave raking.
 We had more fun throwing them up in the air and checking out the neat colors and differences in the leaves then anything else.
 Francis couldn't contain her excitement.
 I love how she can get so consumed by the simplest of things.
 Who needs toys anyway?!?
Gotta love it!!
This is a super cute video of Francis playing in a puddle.

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