Friday, November 16, 2012


Thats right it finally happened, out with the old and in with the new. I am now a proud owner of a Vanbourghini! HA HA...a good friend of mine gave my toyota that title as like many a mama I wasn't looking forward to the transition of becoming a van mom. So silly really. Actually, it was perfect timing as I had just been on two long road trips with both kidlets and things were getting pretty darn tight in the 4Runner. So when I finally became the proud driver of the van relief with the space. Plus you know what, they are pretty darn nice. Just typical society makes one think they are the fuddy duddy thing to drive. I think I need to get myself a disco ball for it to hang from the mirror its such a party to drive!
With all that being said, it was hard to say goodbye to the good ol' 4Runner as I just loved that vehicle. It did me well thats forsure.
 So we now have all the alterations to the van. Here is Alistair in his "Freedom Seat". This is just going to be so convenient as he grows as it'll be nice not having to pivot and twist with my back when putting him in the seat.
 Right now the big thing is the lift out the back. Its just so nice not having to man handle the hi-lo chair into the back of the van as its quite ackward and relatively heavy. Its now just getting into a pattern of using everything and making it normal to use.
 As for Francis she's still cute as ever.
 She is just starting to play shy now though and when she wants mama she knows how to call for her. Little munchkin!
 She sure loves her papa though. Any contact with her Dad makes her grin.
 Little Mr Man is so lovely when he's snoozin like this. We are still struggling with his sleep pattern. Its just so random. We tried giving him Melatonin but he just seemed to get oddly wired yet snowed if that makes any sense. So we're back to square one with the sleep thing. Fortunately the day time naps are happening quite consistently in the early evening and we keep it to 2 hours.
 The nice thing is once Alistair gets to sleep he really goes into a deep sleep. Its just his refusal to allow himself to go to sleep. The other thing is he is so random. One night we'll put him in his crib and he'll turn over and he's asleep. But more often than not he gets into his bed and he becomes wired and shouts and giggles and just carries on. Sometimes its for hours and sometimes he doesn't stay so positive. I still am hopefull he'll just grow out of this...only time will tell.
 O and here is a rare one with me in it. Usually, I'm behind the camera!
I attached a cute video of Alistair and Francis interacting. It truly is one of the lovelyist (is that a is now) things. The older they both get the more comfortable they get with each other and the more I can sit and just watch from the it!

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