Thursday, August 18, 2011

The FIRST Haircut

Ahh yes here is my little man with is drenched locks ready to get them chopped. It was getting to the point that he was starting to create dreads in the back and was a tad frizzy so ...chop chop

At first he wasn't too worried about the whole manner.....

Ooops and then he was! LOL Luckily this was momentary!

It was so convenient as my friend Mandee is a hairdresser and she came to Lise's home and cut all our hair! LOVE it! She was so good with him.

AND he still has lots of curls....just a tad more controlled....

...and by the end he was googlin at Mandee .... tx Mandee : D


  1. Love the pictures of Alistair and his beautiful blonde curls. He is really changing/improving and here he is two already. Julie, great haircut! All the best to you all........Love, Anita