Sunday, July 10, 2011

50th At the Dead Horse

This July long weekend 170 people totally surprised my Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Bill for their 50th Anniversary right on their ranch, The Dead Horse Creek Ranch, up an hour north of Fort St. John. Their daughter, Angela, strategically held us up in the bushes for half an hour so that we could come honking down their lane in a big procession.
The fact that they weren't expecting it was fantastic! They got a lot of hugs and handshakes : D

Highschool friends from Ontario even turned up.

and ballons got tied to their belt

There were people EVERYWHERE

The best part was all their kids could make it.

After a huge potluck we resided to the cow shed for some presents and cards and then.

ELVIS of course! My Aunt Rosie organized a Elvis tribute artist to come up and entertain the crowd for the night. He was FABULOUS!

In no time we were rockin the dance floor.

Alistair got right in there with everyone else and got tons of snuggles and cuddles

Here my cousin Chris and his wife Sarah have some Alistair time.

It was one big social!

Alistair finally crashed at about 1130pm. Thats when being hard of hearing is an advantage. Take off the hearing aid and the world becomes a quieter place

The next day my cousin Rod organized a huge game of Mantracker. There were tons of teams running all over the hillside trying to keep out of sight.

Here's one of many teams ready to rock the hillsides

If you know our family its all about card games and specifically hoss. We formulated 20 different teams and played a huge round robin tournament that lasted until 2 in the morning.

It was a weekend full of smiles, laughs and good times which was just a wonderful way to help my Aunt and Uncle share their 50th Anniversary with a BANG!

(Enjoy this little video clip of "Elvis and Hayley, my cousins eldest daughter,

singing "5 little monkey's")


  1. FANTASTIC Julie thank you ! auntie Rosi

  2. Julie, you are an excellant blogger! I see a future in writing! Looks like a great time was had by all. One day I'll get down there to see your little munchkin!