Friday, March 11, 2011

Daddy Day!

Actually its been Daddy Day all winter but Alistair and I helped Jason celebrate his birthday at the beginnng of the month.
As I got the cake in the oven the boys enjoyed the best part of the cake....well this cake anyhow! LOL
Yes here is what was supposedly the "best pound cake ever". I happened to leave it in the oven a tad too long and then when I tried to get it out of the pan the whole top ripped off......AND THEN in a rush to eat I threw the candles in the cake and they melted into the whole thing! Hence the different sized candles. Anyhow, even after all that he said "well its the thought that counts" Now thats an understanding husband. Basically, I had too much on the go that weekend and well I have a habit of forgeting what I left in the oven. SO yes I tend to use a timer on these things but it just didn't look like it was quite ready and then I forgot to reset the timer. OOOPS.
Ah yes here is Alistair's new buddy BOB. I picked him up at Granville Island in Vancouver. I actually went there specifically to get a puppet. The reason being is my friend Lisa bought a puppet and her son Rocco loves the thing. So I thought it may be a super way to get Alistair to interact as little people seem to be his favorites. And yeppers it worked. He follows BOB all over the room, HUGS him, and chats with him. So good times. So if youre ever heading to Granville and want a puppet they have a great puppet store in the kids market.
Well little Mr Alistair is still suprising us. I was getting my brain wrapped around the fact that he may never walk as we can dangle him over the floor and he just pulls his legs right up to his bum. BUT this little munchkin decided to put his feet on the floor about a week ago. Now he isn't getting his heels right down but he does at times. Just the fact that he considers it regularly is great in my books. In addition, he just seems to be a lot more alert and oriented to his surroundings overall. So of course these are all wonderful bday presents for his dad and of course it just makes this mama happy. : D


  1. Hi Julie:
    Good news re: Alistair, love your blogs. And especially I want to wish you a very Happy Belated Birthday. Hope you had a great day! Just returned from a great trip to Death Valley and Joshua Tree Park. All the best to you all.......Love, Anita

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