Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How to....

Hello hello!

So I've heard from a few peps that they have difficulty posting a note to my blog and its always fun for me to get your posts SOOOOO here is a how to session. At the bottom of my latest post you'll see the word "comments" or "5 comments" in a yellowish color. You click on that and you'll see everyones comments. Scroll to the bottom of the comments and you'll see "Post a comment" Write your little diddy in there AND finish it off with your name. Then there will be a drop down menu and pick "anonymous" and then click "post comment! Easy peasy!

Hope all is going superb your way. We are loving some mild weather mind you i'd love a tad more snow just to make it a winterwonderland!

Cheers for now!


  1. Hey, you can have the snow at my house we have plenty and it is still coming down. Oh well at least someone enjoys living in this climate! I could handle a little global warming right now.


  2. Hey see you guys in a few days. call my cell if you like 250-262-7749,Lance

  3. Hey girl, thanks for the tip on how to post. We love reading your updates and miss ya hope to see ya soon. oxox